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What is an antifog concentrate?

An antifog concentrate is a pelletized mixture of a surface-active additive and a carrier resin.

What does an antifog concentrate do?

An antifog concentrate compounded into a plastic film maintains the film’s transparency. It prevents water drops from forming when the film surface is below the dew point of the atmosphere.

Where are antifog concentrates used?

Food packaging – Meat, poultry and produce are sealed in polyethylene film and refrigerated before sale. Without an antifog, water vapor condenses into drops on inner surface of the film and obscures the view into the package. This also occurs with thermoformed polypropylene used for precooked take out food packaging.

Why use Polyvel antifog concentrates?

Proprietary Polyvel technology provide the industry’s

  • Most concentrated antifog concentrates.
  • Most cost-effective antifog film additives.

Benefits of the technology are:

  • Material cost savings up to 50% are possible based on recommended usage needed for excellent results.
  • Critically important surface properties e.g. heat sealability and slip are unaffected. Other antifog concentrates and additives can cause problems because of the excessive amount of antifog required on the surface to achieve acceptable antifog results.
  • Additional slip additives aren’t required. Films made with other antifog additives must use slip additives. Slip property of those films, measured by the dynamic coefficient of friction, is reduced because the antifog interferes with the slip additive’s effectiveness.

Polyvel’s unique VF antifog products are the solution to demanding requirements for clear food packaging made from polyethylene and polypropylene.


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