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Product Development
The sense of smell is possibly the most powerful of the human senses and has been related directly to the stimulus of emotions and product appeal. Independent research indicates that putting fragrance into products increases the point of purchase appeal and perceived value and stimulates consumers to buy.
Smell sells!
Fragrance concentrates is a way to fragrance existing products and a development tool for new products by increasing store aisle point of purchase appeal, differentiate products from a similar competitive product, expand a product line, reinvigorate end of a product life.

Products can be developed with visual and olfactory appeal e.g. a translucent fragrance sun catcher, air freshener or toy injection molded part. Design options using fragrance concentrates are virtually limitless. The sense of smell is now available to designers of new products.

Fragrance concentrate value is clear, integration of the concentrate into manufacturing processes is easy and development assistance is available.

Application factors affecting fragrance delivery include: part size, shape, thickness and resin, fragrance type, airflow, temperature and product decoration e.g. labels, hot stamping. Our technical team will help you create a product that meets your needs.

Fragrance concentrates technology utilizes the controlled fragrance release from the polymer. Evaluate finished product after 1-2 days.

“Odorants are potentially more efficacious than any other modality in increasing sale ability of consumer products.” Dr. Alan Hirsch, Director; Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Ltd.

Fragrance concentrates pellet size is the same as standard resins for consistent blends and feeder addition. Concentrates are processed at standard resin process temperatures but running at the low end of the range to minimize fragrance loss is recommended.

Purging equipment between fragrances and after a fragrance run eliminates cross contaminate. Standard color purge is acceptable. No special purge compound is required.

Packaging and storage
Finished product should be packed in fragrance barrier packaging e.g. nylon or EVOH for shipping and to maintain product shelf life.
Seal and store unused concentrates in the bag lined fiber drum it’s supplied in. Packaging is selected for durability and fragrance retention.

Excessive heat exposure accelerates fragrance release from the concentrate and should be avoided when storing inventory.

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