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Biothene oxo-degradable additive masterbatch applicable to PE environmental protection plastic bags makes use of the active metal ions & catalyst to degrade the carbon chains in the polythene into water, carbon dioxide & non-toxic substance. Under direct exposure to sunlight or UV light & heat, degradation reaction will be stimulated with a speed depending on the material thickness, temperature & extent of exposure.


  1. Outlook: pale brown pellet
  2. Dosage (%): 2-3% (depending on percentage by weight)

Usage: Biothene with active metal ions can be applied into PE bags which won’t degrade for at least 12-18 months when kept away from direct sunshine. Degradation will start not until the exposure of active metal ions to UV light or heat triggering the reaction.

Biothene meets the ASTM D654-04 (Tier-1) into standard and compiles with European plastic material related food contact regulations of EU directive 2002/72/EC & 2004/19/EC.

Brand : Biothene
Color:? White
MOQ: 25kg
Delivery leadtime: normal 4-5days, special order 5weeks


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