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Nowadays, with increasing social demand for plastic items, most of which are refined from petroleum and hard to degrade , they have already contributed to a great extent environmental pollution which is popularly known as “white pollution”, so current recycling use and development of degradable resin have become a vital way of preventing plastic waste from polluting the environment. A new type of entirely degradable material – biodegradable resin (bio-resin) is thus born.

Bio-resin is a kind of resin which, under the organic functioning of microorganism, can naturally decompose through a process thoroughly ending up within a specific time period of usual 6 months without polluting the environment.

Material Properties:
Renewable fruitful resources – bio-resin, refined from fruitful renewable living organisms resources, can save massive oil resource.

Doesn’t generate “ the three wastes” in the production process (waste gas, waste water and industrial residue)” – bio-resin material processing production process doesn’t emit “ the three wastes “, complying with the environmental protection requirement.

Good workability – bio-resin has good workability in that ordinary plastic processing equipment can be used to produce different items, like wiredrawing, mold pressing, hot injection molding and so on.




Waste can be composted for treatment – bio-resin together with its every corresponding product type can undergo complete biodegradation.

Bio-resin, based on different ingredients, is classified into following types: Starch, PLA, PHA and based on working procedures is divided into: blown film, injected plastic, blister, membrane and so on.

Our bio-resin has passed American ASTM D6400 and European EN13432 authentication standard.

Application areas:
Disposable tableware, kitchenware, disposable container, shopping bag, film product, disposable hotel stuff, stationary, toy, handicraft, different packing products, etc. Widely used in industry, medicine, food, electric appliance packing, tableware, toy , etc.


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