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A range of silver based antimicrobial additive masterbatches and powder scattered substrate widely used in medical area, household & electronic products, effectively reduces & inhibit the bacteria on the item surface.

  1. Appearance: White, even size, good plasticizing, bright & clean surface, consistent luster, without apparent impurities.
  2. Scattering uniformity: addition of anti-microbial masterbatch to any items won’t lead to observable solid particles by naked eye.
  3. Antimicrobial performance: with 99.9999% antimicrobial rate and long-lasting functional effect of 8 years up

Dosage: 1.5%-2.5% (according to percentage by weight)

antimicrobial additive compiling to ISO22196 & JIS Z2801 International Standard, with the constituent approved by European EFSA and American FDA Food & the Medicine Administration Bureau demonstrates its suitability in food contact.

Brand: European brands
Color: White
MOQ: 25kg
Delivery leadtime: normal 4-5 days, special order 5weeks


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