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Envisage Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd. is an enterprise situated in Shenzhen, concentrating in the areas of high new environmentally friendly material and industrial software innovation, development, application, promotion and sales, attaining worldwide first-class level so as to provide a great number of corporations with multi-type new material & new technical service. With a group of outstanding sales talents & management teams as a body, we devote to provide optimized products, service & solution platform to our clients. In view of the increase in hot concern on environment protection and production efficiency under continuous social development, our company is keen to promote many types of related products like antimicrobial additive, oxo-degradable additive, fragrance concentrates, antifog concentrates, bio-resins and NWA SPC software to fulfill different business needs.

Bactiglas is a series of silver based anti-microbial additive masterbatch & powder scattered substrate widely used in medical area, household & electronic products, effectively reducing & inhibiting bacteria. Bactiglas antimicrobial additive compiling to ISO22196 & JIS Z2801 International Standard, with the constituent approved by European EFSA and American FDA Food & the Medicine Administration Bureau demonstrates its suitability in food contact.

Biothene oxo-degradable additive masterbatch applicable to PE/PP environmental plastic bags makes use of the active metal ions & catalyst to degrade the carbon chains in the polythene into water, carbon dioxide & non-toxic substance. Biothene meets the ASTM D6954-04 (Tier-1) international standard and compiles with European plastic material related food contact regulations of EU directive 2002/72/EC & 2004/19/EC.

Fragrance concentrates let the fragrance fit into products, and the fragrance can last for a long time in performance. We provide much fragrance for your choice.

Antifog concentrates applied in PP/PE food packaging to prevent water drops formation on plastic film surface below dew-point temperature.

Bio-resins from renewable living organism resources which can, through all plastic processing methods and processes, be applied to different types of environmentally biodegradable products, with complete biodegradation.

In the meantime, our NWA SPC software tools enable intelligent, information-based decisions necessary to effectively manage and improve plant processes in manufacturing enterprises and supply chains and provide statistical analysis for a better understanding of processes enabling manufacturers to trim costs, boost performance and increase profits.

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